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A unique and powerful tool


Get a one-click access to your betting history from any bookmaker


Get a better view of your statistics with a large range of advanced and precise graphics


Analyze your performance to focus on your strengths and get rid of your weaknesses

Up to €1420 from bookmakers subscription

Bet Trends, that's :

+ than 60 indicators

We take count of all the data that could bring more to the analysis of your gambling results. From your favorite sports to your betting habits, nothing is missed by our automatic data collection tool.

+ than 30 key figures

Thanks to different scripts and algorithms in the app, we extract advanced statistics from your performance. These will allow you to get an overview of all your bets and evaluate your strengths to maximize your gains.

+ than 15 graphics

To evaluate more precisely your own performance, many graphics are at your diposal. They can help you to measure your profits day after day and get back on track when needed.

Our analyzing tool is the most advanced ever created ! Also, your betting histories collection is completely automated

All your results are available from the app which allows you a great overview of the time period of your choice

Your recent bets are clear and neat, expressed as key figures and graphics in order to always get more advanced statistics

Thanks to all of the indicators, evaluate your performance to identify your strengths and weaknesses

You have all the arguments needed to optimize your game decisions and step up your game


Powerful and essential : grow your gains with Bet Trends !

Récupération automatisée

Récupération automatisée

With one click, get your betting history from any bookmaker.

+ 60 statistiques

+ 60 statistiques

Analyze your statistics like an expert thanks to a large range of indicators and graphics to raise your ROI.



Customize your dashboard with the key figures and numbers that suits you the best.



Automated categorization of your bets depending on bookmakers, sports, championships, etc.

Filtrage par date

Time filtering

Filter your bets by date easily to get statistics over a period of your choice.



Search in your bets from different bookmakers with your all-in-one gambling history

Bet Trends is free

Win even more with
Bet Trends Premium



  • Automated collection
  • Key figures
  • Bankroll, ROI and profits graphics
  • Dashboard customization
  • Automated categorization
  • Bet searching

€5,99 / month

14.99 € / trimestre

  • Automated collection
  • Key figures
  • Bankroll, ROI and profits graphics
  • Dashboard customization
  • Automated categorization
  • Bet searching
  • +60 Statistiques Pro
  • Statistics filtering
  • Time filtering
  • Betting history (unlimited)

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Bet Trends is the 1st automated analyzing tool dedicated to sports betting running on a free mobile application.

Collect and analyze your sports bets in one click to raise your gains with Bet Trends, which would turn you into a sports betting expert.

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